There are rumors swirling that Kate Hudson does not care for Amy Schumer, and/or has related jealousies about Amy and Goldie making a comedy together and having a gas. That same grapevine suggests that is why Reese “Never Been In A Movie With Either Of Them” Witherspoon, and not Amy, appeared at the Hawn/Russell Walk of Fame ceremony (something which is usually studio-sponsored, tied to the release of a movie, and yes, attended by current co-stars). DISCLAIMER: Obviously I am aware all that could be fiction. I am only bringing up this gossip because: a) let’s face it, I’m gossipy; b) Kate and Amy did not appear in a single photo together at this premiere that I have found, and c) if indeed those rumors are true, then the MTV Movie Awards delivered a BOLD and BRASSY shot across the bow on Sunday night when Amy and Goldie presented, and the whole bit was about Amy bringing out a lawyer with legal papers so that she could be adopted into Clan Hawn-Russell.

So, yeah, we’re going to talk about the outfits, but as they say in the gossipsphere, I had to spill the tea a little too.

[Photos: Backgrid, Getty]