The author of the Vogue review did a good job weaving some Clueless references into her piece, given the appearance of Cher Horowitz herself in the story.

One of the crucial lessons of Clueless is that the right outfit can change your stature, your mood, even your life. The Mulleavys understand this, and they imbue that cinematic sense of dressing up for who you aspire to be into their collections. They’re famous for their blancmange red carpet dresses, but the Mulleavys do make clothing for people’s actual, beautiful, and mundane lives. Some might bristle at the sight of stretch pants in the assortment here. “We are thinking about how people want to wear things,” Laura says. “I don’t think I could even design outside of this moment.”

I’m not sure I could have connected those dots as often as she does, so brava — though in saying that fashion is emerging from an unfortunate period of dishevelment, the story forgets for a second that the people wearing the fashion have Been Through It and may need a second to put down their ratty elastic-waist pants.

[Photos: Imaxtree]