The gorgeous ball-gown silhouette of this gown is a knockout for me, and at the time it bowled me over — she looks regal and wonderful in it, but not overwrought. Now, I look at it and wonder if the gray splotches are as attractive as they could be. Are they artsy, or are they just messy? The base dress works; I could see it veering into twee picnic-tablecloth/Dorothy Gale territory in any hue, so the gentleness of the grey is effective. But did we need to throw paint at it? Does it enhance this experience for you, or just feel like it needs its fungus scraped off?


I will say that at the time, NONE of us understood the gym ponytail, and I stand by that. Just wind it into a knot! WIND IT, I say! You were halfway there!

OKAY but let's get back to the Dior:

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