Well! This is going to be fun. I love when people get all dressed up and go to the races. You know, here in the US, we always think of something like the Grand National here as being SUPER posh and classy — well, and also as something to be won by Elizabeth Taylor as Velvet on her trusty horse Pie, in what was easily my favorite movie as a kid, National Velvet — and while I am sure some aspects of it are indeed Posh and Classy, it also just looks, from photos, like a TOTAL PARTY. Apparently “Ladies’ Day” features prizes given to the most stylish race-goers, and there seem to be many, many WAGs in attendance. Let’s take a closer look at those Wives and Girlfriends, some of the ladies gunning for those prizes, and one very special Royal guest (not Kate).

Tags: royalty, WAGs