My chief beef with Taylor here is this: Emcee Blake Shelton cracked a joke about her omnipresent, amazed, dropped-jaw OMG face — you know, the one she deploys whenever she wins something/is applauded for something/gets her order delivered correctly at a restaurant, and which seems falsely modest at this point after five years of touring and a gajillion awards — and when they cut to her in the audience, she looked pissed and mouthed, “Yeah, yeah.” To which I say, “No, NO.” That is the moment where any truly sensible self-aware person would MAKE that face, and then everyone in the country would love her for how she’s able to laugh at herself. Instead, after she got all weirdly serious about scolding Kanye and then absolving him, and now this, I’m totally on Team West. Save the grumpies for backstage, kid. Or your songwriting den. Go write “OMG” and then make your face all over town while you’re washing it with Benjamins.

But the dress? A big improvement. Let’s talk, shall we?

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