This is the first year that this show didn’t air on TV, but just streamed on Amazon Prime, and I have to wonder if that impacted people’s decisions to attend or not. Dolly Parton hosted, which is obviously VERY A-list, and plenty of the usual suspects did show — we’ve got a ton to look at! — but we are in the middle of a very busy time for celebs: it’s Fashion Week in Paris, we just had the SAGs, the BAFTAs and Critics Choice are on Sunday, and just…like, a lot is happening all of a sudden. This wouldn’t necessarily impact most country music stars, since there isn’t a ton of ACM/BAFTAs overlap, but it just occurred to me that folks are suddenly¬†booked.¬†This is a blessing! The stylists of the world better be drinking their Gatorade.

[Photos: Eric Jamison/AP/Shutterstock, Stephen Greathouse/Shutterstock]