First, a sidebar: Anne Hathaway recently went on a talk show and told a story about how she hates “Anne” and doesn’t know why she chose it professionally, and prefers to be called “Annie.” This was right around the time we last posted about her, and thus when we called her “Anne Hathaway” people seemed to think we were literally putting disrespect on her name. We were not! The thing is, even if she hates it, she hasn’t stopped going by “Anne Hathaway” professionally. And I don’t know her personally — she has never looked me in the eyes and said, “Call me Annie” — and her stylist even still hashtags her “#AnneHathaway,” so it feels… somehow overly and falsely familiar to switch to Annie completely, especially when that story blew over pretty quickly. It feels like it was just meant to be a goofy anecdote and not actually a demand? I’m all for threading in a nickname here and there — lord knows we deploy “ScarJo” all the time — but there are going to be times I still call her “Anne Hathaway” and I just want to reassure you that it’s not because we’re trying to be jerks. It’s because as of right now that’s what her name is, and I knew her that way first, and as things stand I think I would sound like a superdouche if I started using “Annie Hathaway” in headlines as if we’ve bonded about this over Chardonnay.

Having said that: Annie, Annie, Annie. This is from a 2011 premiere of Rio, which — being an animated movie — came with daytime premieres and a much lighter event dress code. I want to find this pattern mixing to be youthfully kicky, but I mostly just think these two things are confusing together; above all, I REALLY don’t know why the pants needed ruffles. They’re like an exotic fish with fluttering fins, which is a great look in your aquarium not but necessarily on your legs. In other words, as Jessica said at the time, “Those pants are like the ad for the Shake Weight: I’ve seen it with my own eyes and still can’t believe it exists.” Ten years on, it’s still true.

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