This movie brought us a lot:

a. Continued proof that Amanda Bynes is a comedic genius and we’ve been deprived of her talents.

b. The first proof of Channing Tatum’s ability to play a hot meathead who is also sensitive — truly one of his greatest strengths as an actor and where he best shines in a non-dancing forum. This movie came out the same year as Step Up, TRULY a banner year for Channing, as of course Step Up showcases him as a hot sensitive meathead who is also legitimately a dance prodigy. Did you know that Channing had never done any tap dancing EVER before Hail, Caesar!? 

c. The knowledge that if you get in a pickle, a tampon WILL stop a nosebleed.

d. Continued evidence that the early-mid aughts trend of teen movies based on Shakespeare was 100% a net good.

e. This gif:


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