There are a whole bunch of sequels to Step Up, involving a variety of different people — like Step Up Revolution, which includes Peter Gallagher, and involves… flash-mob dance vigilantes for social change?!? — but the original will always be the best. It gave us Channing Tatum, being all mumbly and sarcastic and emotionally wounded — in combination with She’s The Man that same year, it launched him, at least among a certain set — and Rachel Griffiths preferring not to use actual vocal volume to deliver any of her lines. And of course, it let us get to know Jenna Dewan, heretofore primarily infamous as a backup dancer whom Justin Timberlake dated after Britney and who MAY or MAY NOT have been present at the pop-star dance-off between JT and Brit-Brit that MAY or MAY NOT have actually happened. (I choose MAY.) The point is, it’s a thoroughly enjoyable and sweetly mockable teen dance flick which reminds you how freaking talented both of these two are on Ye Olde Floore.

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