That first one up there on the left? We HAVE to see that, right? It’s a crime these rarely get worn more than once.

Note: We have just been informed that this show was titled “Indian Summer” and featured teepee poles as part of the set-dressing, which you can see more clearly in this piece in the Hollywood Reporter; you’ll notice the models also have feathers in their hair, which makes a different kind of sense in that context (beyond the not unusual “designers stick things in models’ hair sometimes”). To quote THR, “Murad may not understand what a hot a topic it is in the U.S. since he is based between Lebanon and Paris, and certainly his many Russian and Middle Eastern clients will probably not care,” but ALSO to quote THR: “Oh boy.” I am consistently perplexed by the fact that designers keep doing this; Murad may not be based in the United States, but his team absolutely keeps abreast of American fashion coverage and surely knows that this will engender, at the very least, a side-eye from US fashion writers, and from stylists. (Although his interview with Vogue is basically a big old “shrug” on that topic.) THR  also posits that this controversy will put off celebrities from wearing this collection because they will fear reprisal, but of that I am a bit more doubtful; I don’t know that the references are obvious without the show notes and set paraphernalia, and Vogue tends to agree that it will turn into more of a pick and choose. I guess we’ll find out.