This is by Yanina Couture, a line that I do not necessarily associate with things like… opacity, and high necks, and collars. That peacock is stunning, and I’m really enchanted by it, but I just can’t sort out why Zosia met this dress with such a heavy dose of Royal Funeral — as if she’s the distant relative who’s PRETTY sure she can finagle some camera time on the walk to the ceremony, but only actually met said royalty twice, and once was when she spit up on a Rembrandt.

However… is it weird that the veil doesn’t bother me, either? It’s extra, that’s for sure, but somehow it’s not taking away from what a great piece of art the embroidery is. And overall, it’s the best Zosia’s looked in a while, so maybe what we’re mourning the death of here is her Fug Madness status.

… Okay, that’s uncharacteristically optimistic. Never mind.

[Photo: WENN]