Tommy Hilfiger had been doing collaborations with Gigi Hadid for the past few seasons, but his latest buy-it-now venture — which is why it’s classified a Spring/Summer show — is with Zendaya. He couldn’t have picked a better muse and partner. Zendaya has a magic touch with clothes, she’s assertive, she’s thoughtful, and she and Law Roach take a really intellectual approach to her styling — something she applied here to a show that used plus-size models for the first time in Hilfiger’s history (“If the women in my family can’t all wear it, I don’t want to make it,” she told Booth Moore for WWD), featured legends like Veronica Webb, Pat Cleveland, and the Beverlys Johnson and Peele, and paid homage to the famed 1973 Battle of Versailles, which used a then-unprecedented number of black models at a measly 11. This show had 59, from ages 18-70.

After some coaxing from her creative partner and stylist Law Roach, she decided to give it a try, telling Hilfiger, “I want to make a show inspired by the women who made it possible for me to be in the position where I am now. Honestly, I just wanted to say “thank you” to them through this show. I said to Tommy, ‘If we do a show, this is what it needs to be about.’ And Tommy said, ‘Great. Go for it.’ And he actually meant it. I mean, look. […]

[I]t’s also very cool—and I think more rare than you’d realize—to have someone who’s genuinely interested in my point of view, in other women like me and our points of view, and saying, ‘What do you have to bring to the table that I can’t?’ That’s been the coolest experience to me—feeling like I can show him the perspective I bring to the table, and also feeling like he actually wants to know.”

Since the line is a See It Buy It type thing, everything is available already. I rounded up a random selection of stuff in here, in what I hope is a variety of sizes; at least on the Hilfiger website, it was very good about alerting you to whether an item you are viewing is available in what they’re calling the “curvy” sizes.

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