I was delighted to see on Twitter recently that apparently this iteration of Spider-Man is good — Mike Ryan at UpRoxx said that it’s like Spider-Man meets Can’t Hardly Wait, which is a combination of things that I didn’t know I needed until I read that sentence. “I’m so happy for Zendaya,” is a thing that I thought, as if I knew her personally. But I AM! And, not for nothing, it’s more entertaining in general to see celebs promote a successful hit than to see them slog through trying to convince everyone to go watch a bomb. And, really, isn’t this all about US?

Maybe not, so let’s talk about this dress. I like it on her — but really, possibly only on her, because when you start to examine it more closely, you kinda realize that it’s quite an amalgamation of fabric experiences. The whole point of this dress — and it looked like this on the runway, too, although the runway model wore different shoes, which I think worked better — seems to me to look like she’s pulled her trusty striped number on over her bikini. And that’s a fun, summery idea, and it certainly conjures up warm weekend afternoons, but think on it: Have you ever looked at your friend, with her dress popped on over her bathing suit, and thought, “you should go to a MOVIE PREMIERE!” Probably not. On the other hand, you may not be friends with Zendaya?

[Photo: Getty]