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Whenever someone changes mid-event, part of me is wondering if it’s because they simply COULD NOT decide which look they liked better, and so threw decisiveness to the wind and wore both. And therefore, I am sad that I am not on Yara’s Get-a-Grip Friend list, because I could have easily weighed in here. Look, she seems like a young women who RARELY needs someone else to tell her to get a grip, and given that Michelle Obama wrote the recommendation for her college application and she’s beginning Harvard this fall, she clearly already absolutely has Get-a-Grip Friends who are more on top of, you know, literally everything than I am should that situation change. But if, say Michelle and Tracee Ellis Ross were out of cell reception this weekend — I like to imagine that perhaps they were unreachable because they were deep in a wine cellar together, enjoying a lengthy tasting and gossiping about when Prince Harry is going to finally pull it together and give us all something to look forward to — and she had to turn to me, the choice would have been an easy one. One of these dresses is SUPER CUTE and the other ones looks like it might be from the Contempo Casuals Throwback Thursdays collection, where young women of today are seduced into wearing the clothes medium-aged ladies regret of yesteryear.  SAVE YOURSELF, YARA. Distressed denim ruffles do favors for no woman.

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