That orange Carolina Herrera up there is honestly stunning on her. She’s just walking into Colbert there but it looks like a still from a movie — like she’s in a remake of Roman Holiday. It’s fantastically good on her.

This next look is likewise amazing.  It is full-on, 100%, for sure, an outfit that Judith Krantz — may she rest in peace — would have described in Scruples. I’m not exaggerating: This is full-on ’80s beach book drama-glam, and maybe six people in the world could wear it without it looking completely bonkers. Lucky for her, Zendaya is one of those people:

Celebrities at MTV, New York, USA - 25 Jun 2019

This coat is a bit less sartorially aggressive, but it’s also great:

Celebrities at MTV, New York, USA - 25 Jun 2019

I haven’t watched any of Euphoria yet, but regardless: Can someone please cast Zendaya in a juicy, epic 80s miniseries full of rich people making bad choices? Thanks.

[Photo: MediaPunch/Shutterstock]