Assuming People’s Sexiest Man Alive isn’t Gritty, or Steve Kornacki, or anyone else causing Twitter to erupt in the past week, Jason Momoa has a pretty good shot. His Super Bowl ad was one of the best. He’s in a ridiculous Apple+ show, See, that got a second season (seeeee-son) and which could probably use the buzz while it figures out how and when to actually film it; he’s in Dune, and everyone else from Dune is getting a lot of cover attention right now; he’s doing an Aquaman sequel and a Justice League TV show of some ilk; he’s cultivated something of a He-Man With a Big Mushy Heart aura; and he was reigning champ John Legend’s suggestion.

While we await the results, InStyle thoughtfully did a feature for Momoa fans (do they have a mane? Momoans? Momoaners? Momohmygod?) that includes the above photo of him in an outfit that exists somewhere between “jazzy suit” and “cocktail pajamas.” He wears it very, very well. In the profile he comes across as a well-meaning guy who’s trying to do the most with the gift of his career, and also as a dude who’s both happily shrug off traditional masculine stereotypes yet inadvertently still quick to underline them. For example: “Pink is just a beautiful color,” he says. “And I’m pretty secure in my masculinity. I don’t really give a shit what anyone thinks.” Great! But how about, “Pink is just a beautiful color,” full stop? The author, regrettably, goes even further: “On the topic of sensitive males, Momoa talks with the confidence of a guy whose testosterone levels are never likely to be questioned.” The whole thing is a bit of a twisty ride in that sense, but if you are a Jason Momoa person, then you can come for the photos and stay… for more photos, like the one of him in glasses and pink PJs standing in a fabulously tiled space. on this Friday, that treat might be enough.

[Photo by Carter Smith; the December issue of InStyle is available on newsstands, on Amazon, and for digital download November 20]