Be honest. If you walked past the above dude, would you have thought, “hey! That’s Pacey”? Or would you have just walked passed him, deep in thought about the book you’re reading or the person you’re dating or WTF is happening on Riverdale or the intricacies of constitutional law, or whatever it is you think about while you’re walking around town?┬áBecause he’s very BEARDY right now. With the sunglasses on, he’s basically in disguise. It’s very Pacey Witter Takes Off on a Boat, although he seems perfectly jovial:

Joshua Jackson Looking Happy While Leaving Alfred Cafe In Hollywood.

Vaguely in need of a haircut, perhaps, but jovial as can be.

While we’re on the subject, the house he and Kruger lived in together is currently for sale and it’s very nice. It can be yours for a cool six million!

[Photos: WENN]

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