Melissa McCarthy has been all over New York in a variety of crazy outfits — some of which I may round up, eventually — while she shoots Bernard and the Genie, a remake of a Richard Curtis cult classic from 1991 that stars Lenny Henry as the Genie, Rowan Atkinson as… someone else, Bob Geldof as Bob Geldof, and Alan Cumming as Bernard Bottle (how convenient that he ends up with a genie in one!). Alan won a British Comedy Award for Best Newcomer for this turn, and as he’s currently helming The Traitor on Peacock and that’s where this will land, I hope he makes a cameo. Anyhoo, Richard Curtis is ALSO writing this version, and he has cast Melissa as the genie. I’m not sure how any of that information ties into the shot we’re seeing right now, but I had to share it with you because THAT COAT IS FANTASGREAT and if I had a genie of my own, I might wish for one right now. Well, first I would have to wish for 15 more wishes, because there is a LOT of sociopolitical mopping up we would need to do. And as my reward: COAT.

[Photo: Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images]