Jon here — or The Hammer, Hammbone, the Hammwich, Hammela Ewing, I Am Hamm, Hamm-Wow, Can of Spamm, none of which have ever been used to refer to him — won a TCA award for the departed Mad Men. And while I looked at pictures of him hamming it up at the podium, it got me thinking: What should he DO now? He’s coming off a well-regarded dramatic TV role for which everyone laments that he hasn’t won an Emmy (although most years, except for Jeff Daniels’ Newsroom travesty, I agree with the actual winner — and that year I’d have given it to Cranston again), and he’s beloved for his various comedic turns, most of which are at the hands of people in the Tina Fey/Amy Poehler circle of regulars. In films, other than his small but satisfyingly douchey turn in Bridesmaids, he hasn’t resonated yet. If you were Team Hamm — the Hamma Rays, Hammily Matters, Gothamm City — would you tell him to stick with TV, or focus on films? Hunt for drama, or fixate on comedy? Wait for the perfect project, taking just long enough that when you come back everyone will drool over it no matter what it is? How, dear reader who knows better than to expect this sentence to end in a non-hacky way, would you honey-roast this Hamm?

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