Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: Hansel.

If you don’t recognize him, it’s because he’s wearing a knit Tarot card.

In all seriousness: I really enjoy Owen Wilson, and ever since his life took a very sad and scary turn, I’ve been EXTREMELY relieved whenever he resurfaces. Wedding Crashers was running a bunch recently on cable, and I’d turn it on to cry envious tears over Rachel McAdams’ skin, and remember anew that he’s very charming in it. He tends to be great in Wes Anderson movies. He was even great in the Wes Anderson parody on SNL, which of course was actually Ed Norton as him, but you know. I credit the source as well. And let us not forget Armageddon, or Bottle Rocket. And did you remember he’s in Anaconda?

What’s YOUR favorite Owen Wilson moment? And would you have worn that sweater? I’m concerned the entire ensemble makes him look 15 years his own senior, but hey, at least his hair looks lush and shiny.

[Photo: Getty]