Sharon looks chic and quirky and super in this, and I am dying to know if everyone around her is cast in a Smurfy glow through those lenses, or if they’re neutral on the inside. Not neutral on the inside: me. I am amused and charmed, and it makes me want a new version of The Golden Girls or Hot In Cleveland or something; maybe Wendie Malick’s character from the latter gives up on Ohio and hits Chicago, or San Diego, or New York City, and becomes friends and roommates with Sharon Stone and, like, Gina Torres, or something. Or finds Marcia Cross’s Bree Van De Kamp and resurrects Desperate Housewives into a road trip comedy. They might even bump into Cybill Shepherd, and Vanessa Williams, who — weirdly — would NOT be her Housewives character but rather Wilhelmina Slater from Ugly Betty. Let’s just MIX IT UP now that the strike is over. I think we’re ready.

[Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]