As requested in yesterday’s look at Dakota Johnson filming Fifty Shades Darker, let’s talk romance novels: What are your favorites? Your favorite re-read? The best authors? The books you recommend to non-romance readers? The ones that surprised you the most? Please heave your bosom into the comments and share. (Apologies for the art on this piece, but I cannot resist the lure of Fabio. There is something wonderful about the fact that, for a brief period in pop culture history, America decided it was REALLY into a dude who was often shirtless on the cover of various novels. You guys, we didn’t really have the internet then! Sometimes we found hotness in the book aisle at CVS! Yes, CVS sold many more books then! Human longing will always find a way!)

And, a bit of trivia: My dear friend Victoria was Fabio’s PR guru when he was hit in the face with the bird. She said it was the weirdest day she ever had at work, and she also worked for Larry Flynt.