Inspired by the Super Bowl yesterday, I started wondering — as I posit in the title — about the most memorable sporting event you’ve ever attended. This can be good (like if you were present at the Miracle on Ice), bad (like your date decided to streak the field at a baseball game and now you’re banned from MLB stadiums for life), or just noteworthy (like your cousin actually hit Nicole Kidman with a pitch in their secret neighborhood softball league). Please share!

I have seen a lot of extremely exciting sporting events on TV, like most people, but if we’re talking in person, I think mine was the UCLA v. USC football game in 1996 — I was senior at UCLA, and this is our huge rivalry game. We’d beaten the Trojans six years in a row (to their massive dismay), and this game went into double overtime the first year that college football even had overtime at all, which meant that when regulation ended in a tie, all of us had no idea what was going to happen next and the refs had to come out and explain it in much more detail than they do now. We won — the final play was UCLA catching an interception in the end zone — and it was very exciting! This wasn’t a historically meaningful game or anything (although we always love to beat USC) but it was REALLY fun and one of the absolute best games in the history of that particular rivalry. I miss going to sports! (My mother’s entry here would be that she was at Sandy Koufax’s perfect game in 1965, so she definitely wins in my family.)