Let’s look at all these celebs getting on and off planes, and talk about travel wear.  You guys know I love talking about packing, and I also love articles about What To Wear On the Plane. I will read every single one of them. (I spent all morning reading this post on Into The Glossabout Joan Didion’s packing list.) Literally, I don’t care: you have an article about wearing things on a plane/packing for a trip, I WILL READ IT. So, let’s talk Plane Wear Hints and Packing Tips and The One Thing You Always Put In Your Carry-On and all that stuff. My own personal rule is just that I have to bring a scarf or a sweater because I am always really, really really cold on a plane/in an airport. I own like nine random pashminas that I have bought in airports across the world. I once spent like $40 on a fleece blanket in the Austin airport because I was so cold. And yet I am surprised every time this happens.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]