I usually rather like Tyra’s new spunky short haircut, and she can pull off stuff — by virtue of her wackadoo Tyraness — that few other people can. This post from the Daytime Emmys is a shining example of the good hair and cockamamie clothes that work. But this? I have doubts:

It’s Dynasty mixed with a shoulder split mixed with toe shoes mixed with soft ankle restraints mixed with a monasterial bowl cut tinged with something that shrank in the wash. Too much, Tyra. Which, incidentally, is also my three-word review of Modelland, her YA book, and if you haven’t read it… if you want ANTM meets Harry Potter meets Pan’s Labyrinth meets actual Labyrinth meets LSD, then it is the book for you.

We should also discuss her new talk show, which co-stars Chrissy Teigen and Joe Zee. The short trailer for it is after the jump:

With all due respect to Joe Zee, this thing is mumbo-jumbo. “Fashionable… and busy!” is not really what’s going to bring me into this hour, and nor is “balanced and brazen.” And Chrissy Teigen seems to be leaking buyer’s remorse about this whole affair. Lucky for them, The View is a smoldering heap of wreckage at this point, so they just have The Talk and The Real (which is, yes, actually real) against which to compete. And I guess The Doctors. And The Rachael Ray Show. Both of which I forgot exist. And The Chew. Does everyone need “The” in order to sell a pitch these days?

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