It seems that now that the portion of my brain that was consumed with anxiety about the actions of our previous loose-cannon president has been released from that torment, I can read books again! This is a dream! I hated not really being able to read for four years — it was torturous. Anyway, my brain seems to be working better now and so I have been enjoying a book that I somehow stumbled on in the course of reading about something else — it’s called Clubland, and it is a 17 year-old book written by a Village Voice journalist about the VERY WILD club scene in 1990s New York City.  It is totally engrossing and, despite the fact that it’s about drugs and murder, it makes me miss leaving the house. (It also has interesting cameos from then-mayor and not-yet-being-sued-for-billions-of-dollars-by-a-voting-machine-company Rudy Giuliani.) What are you reading?

PS: That’s an affiliate link to Amazon, FYI.