We haven’t had this particular conversation since the beginning of August and I know you’ve all read something interesting between now and August. As far as I am personally concerned, I’ve read some excellent books that we’ve blurbed  — most recently, Kate Spencer’s charming In a New York Minute — and I’ve been enjoying the very diverting Murder in Old Bombay (which is also interesting because the location of its murder is also where the murder took place in the book I read right before that, the new Perveen Mistry book. I was like, OH NO, NEVER GO TO THIS TOWER, LADIES! Kind of like how the one fictional college on Law and Order has a really bad crime problem). I’ve also got some alluring-looking ARCs that we’ve recently been mailed, and I’m (as always) looking forward to the new Michael Connelly book. But I’m in the market for suggestions for diverting books, and I am sure I am not alone here. Lay it on us!

PS: Those are all affiliate links!