Thanksgiving presents a lot of challenges this year, and admittedly one of the smallest of them is deciding what to make if you’re still honoring the day, but not hosting or attending a big family gathering (please stay safe, everyone). On Canadian Thanksgiving, we got to do a dry run of downsized versions of our usual sides — along with learning how to do the turkey in the oven, as we are without our usual Weber grill — but I’m always looking for a new twist to throw in alongside our favorite dressing and mashed potatoes that I will never not make. (I’m cooking for the four, one of whom eats turkey and bread but otherwise almost nothing that doesn’t come in nugget form, so that’s really cooking for three.) And I don’t have a go-to dessert.

I’d love to hear how Fug Nation is approaching the holiday, whether it’s adjusting your usual menus, scouting out new cocktails, treating yourselves in a completely different way, or simply bypassing Thanksgiving altogether. Or maybe you’ve come up with a cool way to celebrate with your loved ones that doesn’t involve being in a room with them. We’d love to hear it all, so that we have plenty of time to gank your ideas and make our own holidays feel as zesty as possible. (I’ll give you credit. I’m no Thanksgiving plagiarist.)