So, I work from home. Which means my lunch varies wildly — sometimes it’s leftovers; sometimes it’s just random shit I’ve scrounged up from the back of the fridge; sometimes it’s whatever I’ve grazed on throughout the day (I am a grazer); sometimes it’s a real, proper lunch that I’ve made for myself. (I am really into making my own rice bowls now. I bought a rice maker — this one; it’s cheap! — and rice and veggies and an egg and a splash of Sriracha is an easy lunch.) (I did NOT make the salad in the photo accompanying this post, although I did eat it.) But despite the fact that I am working twenty feet from my own kitchen, I am obsessed with reading articles about hacks for healthy lunches. Like, I literally just spent 45 minutes reading all about how to make a salad in a Mason jar. It’s food organizational porn — as a data point, I’m also obsessed with reading about meal planning and terrible at actual meal planning. And so I want to know: Are you a Mason Jar Salad Person? (I’m impressed.) Are you a Plan My Lunch the Night Before Person? Do you just go out every lunch time and think, “I should really pack my lunches” as you bite into a $12 sandwich? (I have been that person.) Are you, “ugh, I’m trying to save money, so here’s another PB&J?” (I have ALSO been this person and should be this person more often.) Are you the person who works from home and almost always makes her own lunch but sometimes UberEATS has this sandwich you really like and so you order one and then feel kinda guilty about it? I want to hear all about how you’re feeding yourself, especially if you have good tips. FEED ME.