CUSH JUMBO: I look crisp and elegant, and my shoes and my lipstick are both ready to take on the world. Why am I not in more projects? I am a theatrical powerhouse, and also one of the first things that comes up if you Google me is a site that describes me as “a beautiful as well as hot lady.” I really should be in everything.

CHRISTINE BARANSKI: I meant what I said: If anyone needs me to break out into a number from Chicago, I can do that. And I’ll look awesome doing it. Just try me. Diane Lockhart contains multitudes. Don’t even pretend I can’t dance your face right off your head.

ROSE LESLIE: I’m not sure if anyone even knew I was on this show. I’m not sure if anyone is going to pay for CBS All Access to watch it. But I’m pretty convinced that it’s in my best interest to just put on something basic, simple, forgettable, and totally appropriate if not at all memorable and just see what happens next.

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