This Afternoon Chat grew out of the comments in one of our posts last week: What is the weirdest (or most noteworthy) dream you’ve ever had that featured a celebrity?

I’ve had so many of them. I once (like, in high school), dreamed that Ian Ziering (as Steve Sanders) took me shopping for car tires, and he was SO sweet to me in the dream that I’ve been positively disposed to him ever since. I also once had a dream that Luke Perry and Jason Priestley and I were about to have a threesome on a trampoline — a dream that CRUELLY faded to black before it got really interesting. This was also when I was in high school, so you can figure out what my favorite TV show was, I guess. Recently — like, last week — I dreamed that Heather and I met Her Majesty the Queen (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HER) and she just stared at us in irritated silence the entire time. Which, frankly, also felt right.

Your turn!