I know this is the sort of thing that would normally go into Royals Round-up, but I didn’t want to wait for Friday to wish the Queen a happy 90th, and to eyeball the new family photos, full of kids and purses and cardigans. It’s a very noteworthy birthday, and the Queen looked quite charming yesterday for various celebrations, plus, you know, GEORGE.

In related news, as you are probably aware, right now Heather and I are actually in Great Britain for the Queen’s birthday, thanks to the kind invitation of Visit Britain, and we are going to Windsor today to hang out with her (just kidding — other than in the sense that the three of us will all be simultaneously in Windsor even as you read this; edited to add that, if you follow us on social, you probably saw that we were VERY CLOSE to Her Majesty today, actually, and it was quite exciting.).  We’ve been doing tons of SnapChats (we are FugGirls there), and tweeting and Instagramming it up, but I’m going to put some highlights from our respective Instagrams after the jump, including my newest commemorative mug, if you want to see what we’ve gotten up to. There is a giant piece of meat on a spit, if that entices you? You can also check out photos from the trip so far on our Facebook page, here — there are landmarks ahoy, tapestries, Sherlock locations, the hotel where Kate spent her last night as a single lady, and other various shenanigans.

Let’s begin with the photos the Royal Family shared on Instagram:

All these photos were snapped at Windsor by Annie Lebowitz, and I LOVE George’s little face here — “I’M BEHAVING VERY NICELY MUMMY, AREN’T I? HOWEVER, I AM BORED OF BEHAVING. WHAT CAN I DO NEXT? I CAN THINK OF SEVERAL EVENTS TO ENLIVEN THIS PARTY. SHALL I TELL YOU WHAT THEY ARE?” But that said, wee Mia Tindall (Zara and Mike’s daughter) holding the Queen’s purse is THE BEST. (The other kids are, of course, little James [Viscount Severn, if you want to get technical about it], his sister Lady Louise, Isla and Savannah Phillips, and, obviously, Charlotte clutching her toy pony. Which also surely delights Her Maj, horsewoman that she is.)

I hope that corgi is named Candy after Candy Spelling. That out of the way, I love this shot. May we all be so lively and active and gainfully employed in interesting pursuits and married to a person we’ve thought was hot for many years whilst sporting a flattering cardigan at 90.

The Queen with her daughter, The Princess Royal, in the White Drawing Room at Windsor Castle #Queenat90

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This is very sweet and touching to me. Anne has literally never looked this emotional in any photo I’ve never seen of her — detective work takes emotional control — and you can tell she really, really loves her mom. Or, since we’re all in England, including me right now, her Mum. Also, that’s some good lipstick on her.

And, turning to our shenanigans:


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