This is by request, and it’s a request I am delighted to be able to fulfill! This is a post we ran last year which proved very popular and useful, and it’s quite basic: You’re planning a trip somewhere this summer, and you’ve got questions. Someone in Fug Nation probably has answers! So let’s crowd-source our holidays (and also live vicariously through each other.)!

Also, if you happen to be going to London, Heather and I put together our own little travel guide, which has a lot of useful comments from Fug Nation as well, so definitely check that out if you’re heading over there this summer. (It also has a few tips for Edinburgh, if you’re heading to Scotland.)

Happy travels and definitely buy yourself some of those tiny Evian atomizers for a long-haul flight. They’re legit. (That’s an affiliate link to Amazon but you can get them all over the place.)