The Oscars are over, so that can mean only one thing: People in Hollywood are eating bread again. Okay, two things: that, and it’s Fug Madness time.

For any newcomers, Fug Madness is our annual bracket-style elimination tournament to determine the year’s worst-dressed celeb, but we do it now (and not, say, at the end of a calendar year, which would be so much clearer and easier OH WELL) because we line it up with the actual NCAA March Madness — aka, a time when everyone’s hunger for a bracket is at its most insatiable. Please visit the FAQ for an overview, and our Wall of Fame for highlight reels of past competitions, as well our list of winners. They are wide-ranging, and include Vanessa Hudgens, Justin Bieber, Amber Rose, Miley Cyrus, and last year’s champ Kim Kardashian. After being twice the bridesmaid before she took home the crown, can Kim be our first-ever repeat winner?

Jessica and I will be doing our nomination meeting soon — this extremely formal proceeding involves a lot of college basketball, potato chips in exotic flavors, and shrugging — but we always enjoy throwing open these comments to you, to see which contenders/offenders are on your radar this year. Remember, we’re only considering outfits worn after last year’s Oscars through this year’s, which is March 1, 2015, through Feb. 29, 2016. We are also continuing to disallow performance outfits.

Further, although we do LOVE synergy with the real Big Dance, we are eliminating play-in games (unless we are being SUPER indecisive)  and considering cutting the field from 64 to 32. The goal here is to give you as much Fug Madness bang for your buck as possible. If we’re struggling to flesh out the field in a way that makes sense, then we may just make the hard choices and have fewer entrants. We’re also mindful of Fug Madness Fatigue, so if making it even one round shorter means you are not tired of it by the time the final game rolls around, then great.

It’ll all begin at some point next week. (This is as disorganized as I have ever been about it. I haven’t even looked at the schedule. I THINK it’ll start on Thursday, March 17 — St. Patrick’s Day! DRINK! — which means we’ll provide the seedings and bracket on Tuesday for your perusal.) And so, that in mind: Who had the worst year in fashion? Who are your dark horse contenders? Which Cinderella can dethrone Kimderella? CHAT IT UP.