Today’s afternoon chat is a request, and it’s quite a good one! From Cucina49:

“I love reading about books that other Fug Nationals have recommended, and I’m about to leave on a two-week vacation on which I will get more reading done than at any other point this year.  Is it possible to have a post about book recommendations for vacation?  Not just fluffy beach books, but books that take you to other places or are just great reads.”

It IS possible, and here we are. Bring us your vacation read recommendations, Fug Nation! I — although I am sadly not on vacation — am currently reading the Pamela Hicks book Daughter of Empire: My Life as a Mountbatten on the recommendation of at least one of you, and it is dishy. EVERYONE in it owns a wild animal that ought to be in a zoo, several people are having affairs, and she mentions offhandedly that one of her relatives died falling out a window. It’s highly conversational — I keep wanting to say, “PLEASE go back to that for a second.”  So that is my current recommendation. Give us yours!

[PS: Totally coincidentally, I just noticed that Barnes & Noble is running a Buy Two Paperbacks Get One Free promo, in case you want to buy some books. The Royal We is one of the included titles (which is how I stumbled on the sale) but so are lots of other books. BOOKS!]