Mischa Barton apparently has one movie in post-production and two in pre-production, so soon enough, we might have new ways to title these posts (please thank IMDb for reminding me she played a Russian girl in the movie about girls who meet at a t.A.T.u. concert, which of course never hit theaters, because OMG) and new hope that she will stop being so bored that she wears bad hats.
polo classic celebs 111010

[Photos: WENN.com]
I feel like this look even bespeaks transition — that of a flapper slowly realizing the roaring twenties have lost their voice, and segueing into a new era, much as we pray Mischa might be giving up Russian drugs-sex-crime thrillers and doing stuff that gets her attention for GOOD reasons. 

polo classic celebs 111010

Is that crimped hair that’s in the process of losing its kink? And does she have a rhinestone chain hanging from her demi-turban? And does she not look tired? So tired. Girl, go home, have your agent call the Hellcats people or something, and get some sleep.