If you squint your eyes when looking at these photos of Sienna Miller, you might just think she was Diane Kruger:

Sienna Miller and Elsa Zylberstein arrive at Palais des Arts in Dinard

[Photo: Splash News]

That’s a good thing for her. Even better if the Squinting Person is Josh Jackson and he accidentally brings her a cocktail — though that might lead to fisticuffs with Jude Law and while I’d be thrilled to read a cover story in Us Weekly about Jude Law and Josh Jackson getting into a man-fight instead of ANOTHER story about Teen Freaking Mom, I don’t want either of those boys to hurt their faces. Which is a roundabout way of saying, I like this, I think. I also think that’s a lining we see, rather than a bra, and thank god it’s not her nipples.

I’m not as convinced that I’m a fan of this look, though:

Sienna Miller arrives at the

I actually don’t hate the shorts, and I think the top of her looks fine, but she sort of looks like  her legs are going one place and her chest is going to another. Like, her upper body has a deposition while her lower half is going to the Hamptons. Can this be fixed? Does it need fixing? How would you fix it, if you had to opportunity? Would it be better on a Teen Mom? Please share in the comments.