All last week, I was expecting a big And Just Like That premiere, but it never happened. Then Instagram showed me that apparently they DID have some kind of event, but none of our photo services were present (which is weird, because… they’re THE big photo services?!?). I lament that deeply, because I clearly need more professionally photographed angles of THIS outfit:


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For another view, Kristin Davis’s stylist put a shot in her carousel (it’s the fourth one), and Cynthia herself has a lot more pics in this carousel and some video. I must note that her hair looks super, and it’s upsetting to me that And Just Like That makes Miranda’s so lifeless. But those clothes are BONKS. Everyone in this shot looks MOSTLY fine — Nicole Ari Parker maybe would’ve done better with an opaque blouse? — and then you have Sarah Jessica Parker is in an unpleasant gold tutu and a heavy top with beading that looks like a mythical creature’s sneeze, and Cynthia in a deconstructed suit that is doing WAY too much. Including giving her pleated hooves. Having said that, I laughed more at this picture, in a genuine merry way, than I did at anything in the first two episodes of And Just Like That, so… a victory? Maybe Cynthia’s stylist should take over the costuming. P.S., we gave out the first recap for free to all Drinks With Broads subscribers, if you’re interested. It’s pretty ranty.