This is such a nice return to action, isn’t it? It almost has a Mod Squad feel to it. She’s a secret agent, she’s sophisticated, she kicks ass, she’s unflappable, she could be at a restaurant and hold out her hand and catch a knife being thrown at her head without so much as breaking eye contact with her date. I love this.

I am less sold on this:

Actress Yara Shahidi BTS Photo Shoot Celebrating Her Appearance On The Trumpet Awards

Saddlebags AND split sleeves are a potent one-two punch, especially with pants that drapey. I don’t get the green fabric — the belt is basically a glorified hanger — but I honestly think I’d change the pants first. Obviously the enormous emergency chute doesn’t seem completely necessary, but if you’re looking to add unexpected volume, okay, let’s work with it and tailor up those trousers so that not all billow all the time. And unclip those cuffs, and let THOSE be the spice. I also think the belt would pop more effectively if the whole outfit were black, but maybe tweaking the colors of BOTH the billow and the belt would do it? What would YOU do? Also, The Billow and the Belt sounds like a fashion Harlequin romance inspired by that scene in Pearl Harbor where Kate Beckinsale and Josh Hartnett get jiggy with it in a parachute. Someone write that.

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