I was going to say “I don’t know what’s happening here,” but I DO know, because this photo source always gives sincerely Informative Captions, which is appreciated. “Christina Aguilera,” it says, “wears skin tight snakeskin bodysuit as she celebrates the release of her new single ‘Pa Mis Muchachas’ from her upcoming Spanish language album. She was joined by Becky G at a party in Echo Park on Friday night. She channelled her inner Kardashian as she strutted into the party and chatted with collaborator Becky G.” Becky G not pictured, of course, but inner Kardashian? DEFINITELY. This makes me long for a show like Undercover Boss, called UnderKover Kardashian where, every week, a civilian (or celebrity!) puts on Kardashian drag — Kardashidrag? — to see if they can sneak into the Ks’ entourage undetected. Kris, you know this would be funny. You know where to find me!

[Photo by DIGGZY/Shutterstock]