Sometimes I forget that model Lily Cole is out in the world, wearing crazy things and wacky pants and generally making sartorial choices that will please me because they are so bonkers. This happened quite recently:

90s Me would have been TOTALLY entranced by the idea of a tight green velvet turtleneck and totally would have purchased it from Contempo, in bodysuit form, and then would have worn it to a fraternity party and worried about pit stains and also gotten annoyed by having to reassemble it every time I peed. Me of ALL Eras looks at that skirt and thinks, “wouldn’t that fabric look fantastic on a vintage rattan patio set, on the front porch of the lake house I don’t own????”

Lily also wore this recently:

Even 90s me is like, “oh, dude, I don’t know if those overalls are working.”

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