Back in Scotland, things get comfortingly kilty, and then frustratingly Let’s All Leave Jenny Again. We also get a visit from two Season One plotters and some cozy sweaters.

In Terry Dresbach news, she wrote a wonderful piece on the agony and the ecstasy of being so exacting with details, when the show can hardly slow down to let us savor them. (In a totally lower-profile way, that’s how we felt when compiling The Royal We’s alternate UK history; we knew no one would ever really see it, but we had to do our homework so that what we built upon it would feel real and never jolt anyone out of the narrative.)

There’s also a chronicle of Le Comte St. Germain’s clothes: a stunning yellow outfit, a bluish-purple onethe redder one he wore when he first was introduced, and then a piece with pictures of Claire’s dress from the scene in which she and Jamie decided to go back to Scotland (which rendered dark blue to me on TV, but seems brown in her photos).

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