Laura here came to theatrical renown as Mary Poppins, and is in the recent Finding Neverland Broadway show, which also starred (stars?) Matthew Morrison and Kelsey Grammar.

So she’s better than this, is what I’m saying. It’s possible that this is merely the ILLUSION of staring at her bits-and-bobs, and we’re just seeing a very reflective nude slip under her  perfunctory lace sheath. But I just feel like this is the kind of thing best worn when you’re trying to convince the hot Terminix guy that you TOTALLY forgot he was coming and just rolled out of bed and of COURSE he can rustle around in the bushes with his nozzle.

Just as a comparison, let’s see how veteran awesome-monger Patricia Clarkson fared at the same event:

Game, set, match. In the immortal words of one Montell Jordan, this is how we do it, baby.

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