It’s time for me to deploy my favorite opener to one these things, and, as I always do, I really mean it this time: Her head looks FANTASTIC.

I love you, Glenn Close. I love you as that HBIC Patty Hewes on Damages and I never take off my make-up whilst plotting the destruction of others or reflecting on my own brutal destiny without thinking of Dangerous Liaisons. And therefore I feel honor-bound to let you know that I am very sorry, but you appearing to be wearing pleated white silk culottes. I feel certain that this must be an oversight, or that perhaps a sorceress has placed some sort of spell on you, bewitching you into believing that pleated white silk culottes are a good idea or even simply a thing that ought to exist in this world, which already has so much tragedy in it without them. Let me know if there is any way I can help remedy this situation. I have matches.

[Photo: Splash]