Someone should be fired, and I fear that someone might need to be Proenza or Schouler. This is just that bad on her:

I feel like both Nick Robinson and Alex Roe here are like, “Don’t look at her. Don’t look at whatever she’s wearing. Whatever you do, do not look directly at this outfit.” It’s just so dumb. High-waisted cropped flares plus a cropped ruffled top tied to her neck with a flaccid scarf? NONE OF THOSE WORDS GO IN A SENTENCE TOGETHER, unless that sentence ends, “…is a terrible idea.” For one thing, ankle-length pants plus a bandeau-adjacent top makes it look like your entire wardrobe shrank in a brutal hot water accident.  For another, if the clothing you wear to photocalls and premieres is supposed to communicate something about you as a person, what is she saying here? “Please look at me! Everything I own shrunk in a brutal hot water accident and no one would loan me his jacket” is fine. Everything else frightens me a little.