First of all, I didn’t realize until too late that she’s totally caught mid-sentence here, and now we’re stuck with that. Sorry, Keira.

This is yet another one of those dresses where I look at it and think, “I really shouldn’t like this — it’s got a mourning bib attached — AND YET.” There needs to be a word for that, don’t you think? When you like something against all odds? Let’s call it The Kellan Lutz. Because I’m Lutzing this hell out of this. There’s the aforementioned bib, and the sleeves are a bit twee, and the whole thing is so spring-y, AND STILL I look at her and think, “Keira looks nice.” In the interest of full disclosure, the arctic blast that is New York at the moment may have frozen my generally warm Californian brain. Shall we retire to the comments and discuss?