Jacob Tremblay, who melted pretty much every frozen corner of my soul during the Room press tour and associated awards ceremonies, has returned to the promo circuit for The Book of Henry and IMMEDIATELY got right back into making my ovaries ping. Look how excited he is to meet Luke Skywalker! It’s as cute as when Kristen Bell, while hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live, brought out Hamill to surprise Adam Scott.

2017 Los Angeles Film Festival - Opening Night Premiere Of Focus Features'

AND THERE ARE FINGER GUNS. Y’all, if I ever meet Mark Hamill, I would consider it a personal victory if I thought to get a photo of us doing this. It’s almost BETTER than having a light saber duel, although… never mind, I want to have a light saber duel with Mark Hamill. Forget I pretended otherwise. But this is a magnificent alternative.

I don’t have anything else coherent to say, as this was mostly an excuse to show you the cuteness. I guess we could discuss… hmm. Which child actors you are the most invested in right now (for me, it’s Jacob and Millie Bobby Brown), or how you feel about The Last Jedi, or whether you like your grilled cheese unadulterated or with other fillings. OR with what cheese. Personally, I think nothing melts like good old chemically processed Kraft singles. If you’re going to go artery-busting, you might as well commit.

This digression has been brought to you by Waiting For Lunchtime Already in Los Angeles.

[Photos: Getty, Backgrid]