Bhutan looks amazing, and I really wish I could visit, and I would LOVE to arrive at the top of this mountain and see this gorgeous, historic monastery,  and this majestic vista. And yet I am ALSO glad that no one made me hike for several hours this morning, so, you know…we’ll call it even today, Kate. Kinda. Okay, not really, because I covet tonight’s dress mightily. It is simply divine.

I bring you a little extra A/V assistance today. I think my favorite part of this is how you can see all the reporters/security/their personal retinue etc scrambling after them —  although also I think much of the press pack went ahead of them, to be there when they arrived (you know I love Royal Logistics):

I feel like, if you’re not in good shape for a looooooooooong stroll up a mountain in very high altitude, you probably found yourself wishing you’d trained harder for this about twenty minutes in. Emily Andrews at The Sun made me laugh when she noted they weren’t really tweeting much on the hike because they were all too busy trying to breath and also service is bad at the top of a mountain.

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No, YOU’RE a little cheeky.

[Photos: Getty Images, ROBERTO SCHMIDT/AFP/Getty Images, Mark Large – Pool/Getty Images, Joe Giddens/PA Wire]