Hey, remember this, from about two years ago?

She is doing “Hello, lovers” before “HOLA LOVERS” was even a glint in J.Lo’s eyes. Personally, I think it was a test. She was like, “You think I can pull off anything, eh? Well how about GRANDMA’S AFGHAN?”

Fast-forward to Monday:

Nicola Roberts, formerly of Girls Aloud, went full crochet to her ex-bandmate Cheryl Cole’s birthday party. But the real gift here was to us, don’t you think? I’m sure someone Very Important made this, and it costs A Bajillion. But I like to imagine Nicola has an Etsy store for which she makes Snuggies based on famous dresses — Cate’s crochet couture, maybe J.Lo’s famous Grammys non-dress, Gwynnie’s ill-fitting pink princess Oscar gown, even Demi’s Oscars bike shorts from back in the ’80s. I would buy that Snuggie. I really would. But I am holding out for the one that apes Celine Dion’s backward suit. Come on, Nicola. Dream big.

So, which is better?

  • Cate's (14%, 1,504 Votes)
  • Cate's, but only because she is Cate (37%, 4,092 Votes)
  • Nicola's (sorry, Cate, please don't hate me as I'm sure we would be besties) (27%, 2,943 Votes)
  • Nicola's, simply because I don't GET the whole Cate fascination (3%, 315 Votes)
  • I would die happy if I ever wore EITHER of these. (2%, 176 Votes)
  • NEITHER. STOP. EW. NO. (19%, 2,053 Votes)

Total Voters: 11,083

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[Photo: Splash News]