Lizzy Caplan wore a more elaborate version of this theme to a premiere, and she definitely won the makeup portion of the contest.

Emma’s dress is much simpler. Lizzy had the elaborate demi-pizza bodice, but Emma’s is JUST the part where it looks like Fido Dido is trying to squeeze the life out of her on the sly. It’s like if we cut the top off Lizzy’s dress and hoiked up the skirt. I don’t personally think this detail is interesting enough to sustain its own dress, and I’m not super fond of the styling: While the dotted stockings are cuter than your average pair, I’m not that partial to them with open-toed shoes — just a personal bugaboo of mine — and I think they’re too heavy with this. Honestly, the FIRST thing I would have done is tucked this away and looked at it again in summer, when some exciting shoes and bare legs could’ve made this feel like breezy seasonal perfection, and THEN all we’d have to debate would be the stick-person bear hug.

But if we’re just stacking the designs up against each other, which would you pick? I honestly think I might go Lizzy, pizza and all. I KNOW. I didn’t expect that either.

[Photo: Getty]